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The-need-for-cleaner-energy, the need for cleaner energy. editorial, nea news 2007 – no. 25.1 3 installations, and to anticipate problems of potential safety signifi cance. the work that the agency is carrying out on ageing management contributes to achieving this objective. the article on page 18 describing the nea project on stress corrosion cracking and cable ageing provides an illustration of one of the ways in .... How will the next generation of energy leaders help to meet one of the world’s biggest challenges: the need for cleaner energy with fewer emissions? twelve bright young minds at the forefront of tackling one of the world’s biggest challenges tell us their ideas for transforming the energy system for the better as they gather at the one young world conference in london, bill nye the science guy talks about what space can teach us about climate and the need for cleaner energy during energy all-stars in washington, dc on january 19, 2013..

State and federal policy makers make decisions on clean energy all the time—and they need to hear from you. make your voice heard: write and call your elected officials, participate in local meetings, and, above all, vote., we've always known that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, the world of alternative energy proved it this week. while reading up on current events, i came across many articles stating that the obama administration is cutting funding on alternative energy research. one article in particular grasped my attention because of the solution..

The need for cleaner energy sources spurred the materials science and engineering ph.d. student to focus on solar power technologies. with her colleagues in professor lionel “kim” kimerling’s lab, she is developing a special type of solar cell that could generate electricity not from sunlight, but from the infrared radiation emitted by ..., this analysis highlights the need for cleaner energy sources, energy efficiency, and energy conservation to meet our growing dependence on buildings’ cooling systems, while simultaneously mitigating the extent of climate change..

The increase in global population and income are key drivers to the growing demand for energy. the visible effects of increasing levels of carbon emissions have accelerated the need for cleaner energy. liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) is a clean and modern energy source, and it is used by millions of consumers worldwide. the boom in shale gas ...